Nyhetsbrev om Covid-19 vaksine stativ

En av våre leverandører av fryserinnredning har nettopp lansert egen innredning til ultrafrysere spesielt tilpasset covid-19 vaksinen fra Pfizer/BioNTech
Her er nyhetsbrevet som omtaler nyheten.

Launch Covid-19 Vaccine Storage

We must pay tribute to Pfizer/BioNTech who are the first to release a Covid-19 vaccine. This is the first step towards getting back to normallity.

FDE 50086 Thermo ultrafryseboks

Thermo ultrafryseboks

The next challange the world is facing is how to distribute this vaccine. Not only due to the enormous number, but the need to keep the vaccine at -70°C at all times, make this a logistics task the world has never seen before.

It will involve moving the vaccine back and forth from storage freezers to dryice shipping containers several times.

The biggest issues is not at the central freezer hubs which are being established in all countries, but the further you get into the supplychain, the more difficult it will get.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines are shipped in a packa-ging which does not fit into existing racks used. The packaging box contais 195 vaccine vials and has an odd size which does not fit most freezers internal dimension.

All new racking system

covid 19 stativ til ultrafryser

Covid 19 stativ til ultrafryser

At TENAK we have foreseen these issues and developed an all new racking system. The challenge has not been how to organize, but rather how to fit as many samples into a freezer, and at the same time be able to easily access the vaccines.

The first aim was to make a rack which can hold the boxes supplied by Pfizer/BioNTech directly in order to keep the handling as simple as possible and secondly to make a racking system suitable for the everyday use at the clinics.

Ta kontakt med Christin A. Hvedding for mer informasjon om stativer og innredninger til ultrafrysere.