Gill Instruments – HS-50 – 3-akse ultrasonisk anemomenter m/horisontalt hode, 50 Hz

Modell: HS-50
Produsent: Gill Instruments

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The HS-50 horizontal-head anemometer has been designed for scientific research applications requiring accurate 3-axis wind speed and direction information.

This instrument utilises advanced ultrasonic measurement technology, with a unique horizontal head design that allows for more accurate measurement of vertical flows with minimal interruption from the anemometer geometry. The head features a built-in inclinometer for simple positioning of the instrument on a tower or mast. A separate electronic unit allows easy access to the PRT and 6 analogue inputs.

HS-50 will monitor wind speeds of 0-45m/s, with a fast sampling rate of 50Hz. The instrument can be positioned close to the ground or to crop and tree canopies for accurate measurement of surface turbulence. For applications where a faster 100Hz data output rate is required the HS-100 is recommended.

HS-50 features a rugged stainless steel construction, which ensures long term stability and suitability for use in extreme environments.

Key features

  • Precision 3-Axis Sonic Anemometer
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Horizontal Head for Minimal Flow Disturbance
  • 50Hz Output Rate
  • 0-45m/s wind speed
  • 0-359° wind direction
  • U, V, W Vector Outputs


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