Lufft – XC250 – Håndholdt temperatur, pyrometer og luftfuktighet

Modell: XC250


Bjørn Cato Solli 2

Bjørn Cato Solli

Luft og miljø
911 95 598
  • Precision of the xc200 combined with a high-precision pyrometer ( -0,5°C @ 0°C … 50°C)
  • Noncontact temperature measurement
  • Continuous measurand output of the thermopile to the LCD
  • Adjustable emmissivity, to adapt to different surfaces
  • Pyrometer is laser assisted
  • Configurable condensation/dew alarm with contact-free measurings (Application: e.g. detect molds)
  • Two lines color display with large digits
  • Accurate measurement of temperature and relative humidity
  • Calculation of dew point temperature of the ambient air
  • Calculation of mixed ratio
  • Display of MAX, MIN, HOLD, AVG and ACT, easily selectable
  • Easy-to-use touch operations (capacitive)
  • USB interface for SmartGraph3 software
  • Calibration certificate


The powerful and compact handheld device with state-of-the-art and robust design. Excellent accuracy. The high-resolution color screen displays rel. humidity, temperature and dew point. Excellent readability. The calibration function (offset correction) guarantees the long-term use without compromising the accuracy.
Supplementary description:

Excellent accuracy of temperature and relative humidity. Display of calculations and statistical functions. Adjustment of local pressure and local height possible. Calibration function and offset correction. Including a calibration certificate. USB interface with SmartGraph3 software.

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Special features:

  • Contact-free temperature measurement

Technical data

Optical measurement 6:1 at 50% energy performance
Dimensions 170x60x35 mm
Weight Approx. 250g
Storage conditions
Permissible ambient temperature -20…60°C
Operating rel. humidity <95% relative humidity non-condensing
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -20…50°C
Operating rel. humidity <90% RH
Power supply
Power supply 5.5V ± 10% DC, max. 200mA
Power consumption active Approx. 70mA
Passive power consumption Approx. 40μA
Battery life Approx. 24h (2.6Ah battery capacity)
Calculations Dew point temperature °C or °F
Absolute humidity g/m3
Mixed ratio g/kg or gr/lb
Functions Statistical calculations MAX, MIN, HOLD, AVG, ACT
Temperature correction and humidity correction factors (offset)
Power saving functions

Relative humidity

Principle Capacitive
Measuring range 0 … 100 % RH
Unit % RH
Accuracy ±2% RH
Resolution 0.1


Principle NTC
Measuring range -20 … 50 °C
Unit °C
Accuracy ± 0.2°C (0…40°C) otherwise ± 0.4°C
Resolution 0.1

Surface temperature

Principle Thermopile
Measuring range -70 … 380 °C
Unit °C
Accuracy ± 0.5°C (0…50°C) or ± 4°C
Resolution 0.1

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