Gill Instruments – HS/R3 – Vindmåler, 3-akse ultralyd, research anemometre

Modell: R3-50, R3-100, HS-50, HS-100


Bjørn Cato Solli 2

Bjørn Cato Solli

Luft og miljø
911 95 598

3-axis anemometers providing wind speed and direction data

  • 0-45m/s wind speed measurement
  • 0-359º wind direction range (no dead band)
  • 50Hz and 100Hz output models
  • Ideal for Eddy Covariance Analysis
  • Free WindCom data logging software
  • U, V, and W vector outputs
  • Speed of sound and sonic temperature outputs
  • Robust aluminium/carbon-fibre casing
  • Asymmetric head design available


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