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New miniTOC – perfect fit to all HPW and UPW systems

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Espen Rolfsen

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New miniTOC – perfect fit to all HPW and UPW systems

By introducing the new miniTOC membraPure presents a suitable instrument for all clients who need online control of their high end water quality. Having already various installations in pharmaceutical and chemical industry with the uniTOC instrument, membraPure offers now an entry level system with latest technology such as TFT touch screen operation.

The internal computer registers and controls all parameters for alarm and diagnosis. Exchange of digital and analogue data is achieved by USB interface. The miniTOC instrument uses the „classical“ flow through concept for TOC online control. It oxidizes the organic compounds by using a high energy, low voltage UV lamp in a specially made UV reactor to guarantee high and repeatable oxidation.

TOC content is determined by conductivity measurement. Automized functions like SST and Calibration give a high standard of safety and minimized operation costs for controlling the pure or ultra pure water.

If required the miniTOC measures every second the TOC content of pure and ultra pure water. The miniTOC has low operating cost since it requires only 20ml/min water and a new UV lamp once a year.

The new miniToc is the perfect system to fit you existing Ultra Pure Water or Highly Purified Water system. Or it is a must for your new EDI or Astacus UPW-system from Membrapure.