Anton Paar – MCR 702 Multidrive reometer – MCR 702 Multidrive reometer

Modell: MCR 702 Multidrive reometer
Produsent: Anton Paar

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Jan Schäffer

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MCR702 Multidrive is the most accurate Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer on the market and the only one being a DMA and a rheometer at the same time!

Operation modes:

  • Single-drive
  • TwinDrive (2 rotational drives)
  • Linear drive (1 rotational and 1 linear drive)

USP – a unique 4-in-1 device providing you with the possibility to perform:

  1. DMA in tension, bending, compression
  2. DMA in torsion
  3. Rheology
  4. Thermomechanical analysis
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