Thies GmbH – Brightness Transmitter Sector-dependent – Byggautomasjon Lysstyrke sektorisert 0-10VDC

Modell: Brightness Transmitter Sector-dependent


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The brightness transmitter serves for the acquisition of the daylight intensity, depending on the position of the sun. The physical measuring values are output as illumination-proportional voltage and, for example, used for the sun-position-dependent control of shading devices, heating- and irrigation plants.

  • The measuring value “brightness” of model 7.1414.60.000 is acquired by eight independent sensors (photo diodes), which are arranged in 45°-segments. (North, NE, East, SE, South, SW, West, NW ).
  • The measuring value “brightness” of model 7.1414.61.000 is acquired by three independent sensors (photo diodes), which are arranged in 90°-segments (East, South, West )

Mode of operation:
The infalling light is transformed by sensors (photo diodes) and the connected electronics into proportional output values, which act linearly to the brightness. Every electrical output corresponds to a sector of 454 ° (7.1414.60.000) resp. 90 ° (7.1414.61.000). The sectors are centrally related to the directions.
Due to the special construction the sensors are aligned to a average elevation angle (height).
The brightness transmitters are equipped with heating in order to avoid a possible dewing.

Measuring range 0 … 100 kLux
Sensor SFH 206 K
Spectral range 400… 1100 nm
Accuracy ±2% of final value of meas. range
Acquisition angle with 7.1414.60.000 Elevation: 0… 90°
Azimut: 8 x ± 22,5°
Acquisition angle with 7.1414.61.000 Elevation: 0… 90°
Azimut: 3 x ± 45°
Electrical output 0…10 V each sector; the output are short-cut-proof and can be connected in parallel; voltage limit to <10,5 V. The highest value is delivered at the mutual output.
Operating voltage 12…28 VDC / 24VAC
Load resistance ≥ 1000 Ω
Operating power Approx. 10 mA w/o heating/ max. 200 mA with heating without signal currents.
Ambient temperature – 30…+ 70° C
Protection IP 65
Weight 150g
Connection via screwed cable gland