Hamilton Thorne – CEROS – CEROS CASA system

Modell: CEROS
Produsent: Hamilton Thorne

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Pascal Mørch

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CEROS Microscope and Camera

• Olympus CX41 Microscope with Trinocular Head (camera ready)

• 10x Negative Phase Objective

• 60 Hz RS-170 Camera

• MiniTherm Stage Warmer

Choice of different motility software packages
All software provides the following results/features:

• Percents, Counts and Concentrations of total, motile, progressive and static cells

• Velocities: Average Path (VAP), Curvilinear (VCL), Straight line (VSL)

• Motion Parameters: Linearity (LIN), Straightness (STR), Beat Cross Frequency (BCF), Amplitude of Lateral Head Displacement (ALH)

• Morphometric Parameters: Head Size, Elongation

• 4 Level Quality Control including Playback and QC Plots (Size, Intensity, Elongation)

CEROS Computer

• Desktop computer system running Windows XP





Comparison with IVOS CASA System

So which Computer Assisted Semen Analysis system is right for you?



If high-end performance using the published standard is key for your lab, then the IVOS is the best option.

If you require the objectivity and accuracy of automated analysis, but at a more affordable price, then choose the CEROS.

All optics components built into one integrated workstation

External microscope allows computer to be stored under the lab bench to save space

Strobe illumination: provides sharpest imaging

Familiar, standard microscope illumination

Automated, built-in, heated stage for precise temperature control and sample positioning

Portable MiniTherm Stage Warmer maintains samples at 37°C

Preselection of fields for fastest analysis

X-Y stage movement increases number of fields available for motility and morphology

Required for optional IDENT fluorescence capability

Not compatible with IDENT fluorescence capability


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