Teledyne Isco – Demi 2510S Continuous Flow Syringe Pump – Demi 2510S – syringe pump

Modell: Demi 2510S Continuous Flow Syringe Pump


Jannik Schäffer

Jannik Schäffer

Petroleum, offshore og reologi
922 13 272

The Demi 2510S is a small, compact positive displacement pump suited for continuous flow applications and more. It has many features designed to meet your needs. The Demi takes less bench space and require less maintenance.

The Demi can accommodate flows of up to 10 mL/min at 173.6 bar (2,500 psi) without the need for flow meter feedback. The easy to program interactive front panel displays real-time flow rate and pressure. Upper and lower pressure limits can be set through a few simple key strokes.

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