Vötsch Industrietechnik – ATEX-serien – Eksplosjonssikre klimaskap (ATEX)

Modell: ATEX-serien
Produsent: Vötsch Industrietechnik

Varenummer: 3566 Kategorier: ,
Audun Lægreid 2

Audun Lægreid

22 09 40 67

Design  with primary explosion protection, category 2 (zone 1)

  • Applicable to temperature test chambers of series VTS, VTV, VT 7012 S2.
  • Not applicable to tests with defined climatic conditions.

Design with secondary explosion protection, category 2 (zone 1)

  • Type approved systems with explosion protected testspace
  • The systems are approved for use up to temperature class T3 and explosion group IIB
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