Interscience – Scan 100 – Manuell koloniteller

Modell: Scan 100
Produsent: Interscience

Pascal Mørch 1

Pascal Mørch

Daglig leder. Medisin, næringsmiddelanalyse
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Scan 100: Manuell koloniteller

  • Petriskålstørrelser Ø: 55, 65, 90 og 150 mm
  • Måleområde: 0 til 1999 UFC
  • Digitalt display
  • Adjustable volume
  • Counting signal
  • Adjustable pressure sensitivity
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Utv. mål: 31x25x17 cm

Eventuelt ekstrautstyr:

Fleksibelt forstørrelsesglass, multiadapter, set of Spiral grids Ø 90 og 150 mm, Wolffhuegel grid.

“Scan 100 colony counter allows highly accurate counting of colonies with great comfort. Position your Petri dish, then set the sensitivity of the tactile surface. Mark each colony with a pencil. A sound signal indicates each counted colony. A unique LED lighting system (Dark Field technology) gives you an accurate and contrasted view of the colonies. To guarantee maximum traceability, an integrated USB port allows you to export your results (Word, Excel, Note Pad). Its highly ergonomic hand rest ensures you optimal comfort while working.”


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