Gill Instruments – MaxiMet GMX100 – Kompakt værstasjon GMX100: Nedbør RS232, 422, 485 (ASCII), SDI-12, NMEA, MODBUS RTU

Modell: MaxiMet GMX100
Produsent: Gill Instruments

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Bjørn Cato Solli

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MaxiMet GMX100 Features

Precipitation. An integrated optical rain gauge that automatically senses water hitting its outside surface and provides measurements based on the size and number of drops. Algorithms interpret this data and simulate the output of a tipping bucket rain gauge in a serial format. The optical rain gauge has no moving parts associated with tipping bucket gauges.

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Measurement type Optical
Range  0-150 mm/hr
Precipitation  Resolution0.2 mm
Accuracy  2%
Sampling Rate  1 Hz
Units mm/hr, mm/total, mm/24 hr,

in/hr, in/total, in/24 hr

Output rate 1/s, 1/min, 1/hr
Digital Comms Modes Serial RS232, RS422,

RS485, SDI-12, NMEA,


Analogue Outputs Available via separate optional device
Heating YES
Power Supply 5 to 30 Vdc
Power (Nominal) 12 Vdc 80 mA continuous high mode.

0.05 mA eco-power mode (1 hour polled)

IP Rating  66
Operational Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
EMC Standard: BS EN 61326 : 2013FCC

CFR47 parts 15.109

CE Marking YES
RoHS compliant YES
Weight 0.3 Kg
Origin UK

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