Anton Paar – MST – Micro Scratch Tester MST

Modell: MST
Produsent: Anton Paar

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The Micro Scratch Tester is widely used to characterize the practical adhesion failure of thin films and coatings with a typical thickness below 5 μm. The Micro Scratch Tester is also used in the analysis of organic and inorganic soft and hard coatings.

Applied load:

Resolution: 0.1 mN

Max. load: 30 N

Friction force:

Resolution: 0.1 mN

Max. friction force: 30 N


Resolution: 0.3 nm

Max. depth: 1000 μm


From 0.1 to 600 mm/min

International standards:

ISO 20502, ISO 1071-3, ASTM C1624, ASTM G171, etc.

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Normer og standarder ASTM C1624, ASTM G171, ISO 1071-3, ISO 20502