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The instrument is designed to measure the height, quantity and the intensity of the precipitation striking the surface of the earth. The measuring principle is basing on the description „Guide to Meteorological Instruments  No 8“ of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

The precipitation, collected by the collecting surface of 200 cm², is conducted through a inflow-sieve into a tipping-bucket. After having collected the precipitation amount of

2 cm³ = 0,1 mm of precipitation the bucket tips over. This tipping procedure is detected by a Reed-switch, and induces an output pulse for 0,1 mm of precipitation in combination with  connected electronics.

As the number of tipping procedures is not linear to the precipitation intensity,  an intensity-dependent linearization  is carried out in the connected electronics.

The linearization procedure is basing on a precipitation-intensity-dependent pulse-number-correction for the precipitation intensity range of approx. 0,5 … 7 mm/min

Each instrument is calibrated in the intensity range 0… 7 mm/min with a precipitation quantity of 200 cm³ (=10 mm precipitation height).

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