Taylor-Wharton – Serie LD – Nitrogenbeholder, etterfylling

Modell: Serie LD
Produsent: Taylor-Wharton

Christin Anstensrud Hvedding 2

Christin Anstensrud Hvedding

Medisinsk lab. og næringsmiddelanalyse
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Nitrogenbeholdere i serien LD brukes til etterfylling av nitrogen.

LD Series dewars are used to store and distribute small amounts of liquid nitrogen. They are ideal for various applications that call for the use of this medium, for example, in the area of materials testing. This series includes models with capacities ranging from 4 to 50 liters. A pitcher-style model (LD4) is available for easy pouring, as well as a beaker style model (LD5) with a wide mouth to make it easier to immerse objects in the liquid nitrogen. LD Series dewars feature extremely low evaporation rates and are convenient to use. Optional equipment includes – liquid withdrawal device, tipping stands, dippers and roller base. The «Classis 25» is a model that has been found to be extremely practical. Because of its spherical shape and low center of gravity, it is easy to handle and is ideal for pouring liquid nitrogen.



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(1) Evaporation Rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate may be affected by the nature of the contents, atmospheric conditions, container history, and manufacturing tolerances.


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