Anton Paar – TRB³ – Pin-on-Disk Tribometer TRB³

Modell: TRB³
Produsent: Anton Paar

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The TRB is the industry standard for measurement of friction and wear in sliding contacts. A wide range of test parameters, contact geometries and environmental conditions allows the user to simulate real in-service conditions.

Anton Paar tribometers have proven their reliability worldwide in over 1000 laboratories, studying all classes of mating materials.


Max.: 60 N

Min.: 0.25 N

Friction Force: up to 20 N

Rotative configuration:

Rotation speed: 1 rpm to 1500 rpm

Radius:up to 40 mm

Linear configuration:

Frequency: 0.005 Hz to 10 Hz

Linear speed: 0.3 to 100 mm/sec

Stroke length: up to 60 mm

International standards:

ISO 20808, ISO 1071, ASTM G99, ASTM G133, etc.

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