EIC – TT2000 – Plasma Defroster

Modell: TT2000
Produsent: EIC

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Pascal Mørch

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Defrosting and warming fresh frozen plasma (FFP), blood and erythrocyte concentrates (EC)

Defrosting and heating in 4 to 14 minutes (depending on size, number and type of inserted units).
  • Immediate readiness for use
  • No preheating time, no stock heating
  • Short defrosting and heating time
  • Microwaves, dry heating
  • Automatic recognition of units
  • Monitoring of the defrosting and heating process through microcontroller
  • Three bag units (up to 600 ml) can be inserted at the same time
  • Gentle rotary mechanics for homogeneous intermixing and heating
  • Optical and acoustic signal upon reaching the set-point temperature of any unit
Selger Pascal Mørch

The EIC TT2000 is the fastest product for thawing and warming blood plasma. It is an important aid in the daily operation of the blood bank to always have enough blood available for emergency and scheduled operations. Both the Ullevål Hospital and Rikshospitalet located in Oslo, Norway,  have 3 TT2000 in daily use. Blood plasma is saved by thawing only what is needed, due to the rapid thawing process

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