Plasma Defroster

Plasma Defroster

Modell: TT2000 Produsent: EIC

Defrosting and warming fresh frozen plasma (FFP), blood and erythrocyte concentrates (EC)


Defrosting and heating in 4 to 14 minutes (depending on size, number and type of inserted units). Three bag units (up to 600 ml) can be inserted at the same time.


  • Immediate readiness for use
  • No preheating time, no stock heating
  • Short defrosting and heating time
  • Microwaves, dry heating
  • Automatic recognition of units
  • Monitoring of the defrosting and heating process through microcontroller
  • Three bag units (up to 600 ml) can be inserted at the same time
  • Gentle rotary mechanics for homogeneous intermixing and heating
  • Optical and acoustic signal upon reaching the set-point temperature of any unit


Hospitals in Norway with the TT 2000
  • OUS HF, Rikshospitalet: 3 pcs
  • OUS HF, Ullevål: 2 pcs
  • St. Olavs hospital: 2 pcs
  • Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge HF, Tromsø: 2 pcs
  • Helse Fonna HF, Haugesund: 1 pc
  • Helse Førde HF, Førde: 1 pc
  • Helse Møre og Romsdal HF, Ålesund: 1 pc
  • Sykehuset Telemark HF, Skien: 1 pc
  • Sykehuset Østfold HF, Fredrikstad: 1 pc
  • Vestre Viken HF, Drammen: 1 pc
  • Nordlandssykehuset HF, Bodø: 1 pc
  • Sørlandet sykehus HF, Kristiansand: 1 pc