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Modell: MetPak Pro
Produsent: Gill Instruments


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Bjørn Cato Solli

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 MetPak Pro is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures the most essential we ather parameters. It also provides a data collection system that allows customers to add their own selection of sensors to meet local requirements. Gill ultrasonic technology, as used in the proven WindSonic instrument, measures wind speed and direction. Temperature and Humidity are measured and Dewpoint calculated using an industry standard probe housed in a naturally aspirated radiation shield. Barometric pressure is measured using an industry standard sensor.

The customer is able to add up to four additional sensors. One PRT (temperature sensor), one digital (contact closure rain gauge) and two analogue inputs (4-20mA or 0-5V) e.g. water level sensor, pyranometer, pressure sensor, soil temperature etc. Other types of sensors may be added limited by the number of inputs available.

The MetPak Pro combines all the instrument data into a single combined data string.


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Parameters Met Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Dew Point
Wind Speed Range 0-60m/s
Wind Direction Range 0-359º
Air Temperature Range -35ºC to 70ºC
Relative Humidity Range 0 to 100% RH
Barometric Pressure Range 800 to 1100 hPa
Dew Point Resolution 0.1ºC
Mounting Single rugged U-bolt
Output Format RS232, 422, 485, SDI-12, Modbus
Radiation Shield 6-plate Naturally Aspirated
Calibration Factory calibrated


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