Dataphysics – MultiScan MS 20 – Turbitetsanalysator

Modell: MultiScan MS 20
Produsent: Dataphysics


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The MultiScan MS 20 is the measuring device for the automatic optical stability and aging analysis of a variety of multi-phase dispersions, in particular suspensions and emulsions, and the comprehensive characterization of time- and temperature-dependent destabilization mechanisms. Due to its modular design the MS 20 can be operated with up to six scan towers ST. The scan towers are independently controllable, which allows to perform several measurements simultaneously.

Main features

  • Direct docking ports for five scan towers
  • Docking port for an additional external scan tower
  • Bar code scanner for an easy and specific sample registration and documentation
  • Integrated touch screen for basic operation and control of all connected scan towers


Scan tower with temperature control by an integrated electric resistance heater with connectors for liquid counter-cooling. This facilitates individual temperature setting on multiple scan towers.


The intuitive MSC control and evaluation software supports you in the use of the MS 20.


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