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IMV – I – Vibrasjonstester, 1-akse, standard

Modell: i-serien
Produsent: IMV

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Audun Lægreid 2

Audun Lægreid

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Vibration tests have become diversified and specifications have become increasingly strict. IMV i-series offer a user-friendly lineup with enhanced performance and durability.


  • Maximum acceleration: 1250m/s2
  • Maximum velocity: 3.5m/s
  • Maximum displacement: 51mmp-p
  • Maximum loading mass: 1,000kg
  • Patented upper (armature) support system PS. GuideParallel Slope Guide is standard.
  • Low noise. Optimised design of the air intake based on fluid dynamics has reduced the air-intake noise.
  • All models can be directly coupled to a climatic chamber

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