Normer & standarder

Houm leverer måleinstrumenter og utstyr som oppfyller internasjonale normer og standarder.

AACCI 38-20.01
AACCI 54-10.01
AACCI 54-21.01
AACCI 54-21.02
AACCI 54-22.01
AACCI 54-28.02
AACCI 54-29.01
AGSA 06-01
AGSA 06-02
ASTM B527Tap Density of Metal Powders and Compounds
ASTM B923-10ASTM B923-10 Metal Powders
ASTM C1069
ASTM C110-15Physical Testing of Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, and Limestone
ASTM C1234Oil decomposition
ASTM C1274
ASTM C1624Adhesion Strength and Mechanical Failure Modes of Ceramic Coatings by Quantitative Single Point Scratch Testing
ASTM C2604-02ASTM C2604-02
ASTM D1070Density –Tetthet/egenvekt
ASTM D1076Standard Specification for Rubber—Concentrated, Ammonia Preserved, Creamed, and Centrifuged Natural Latex
ASTM D1078Distillation Range of Volatile Organic Liquids
ASTM D1084Standard Test Methods for Viscosity of Adhesives
ASTM D115Method of Test for Color of Lubricating Oil and Petrolatum by Means of ASTM Union Colorimeter
ASTM D1159Bromine Numbers of Petroleum Distillates and Commercial Aliphatic Olefins by Electrometric Titration
ASTM D1209-05Colour Hazen
ASTM D1218-02Refractive Index
ASTM D1267RVP – Vapore pressure
ASTM D1280Refractive index Hydrocarbons
ASTM D1298-99Density –Tetthet/egenvekt
ASTM D1322Smoke Point of Kerosene and Aviation Turbine Fuel
ASTM D1331
ASTM D1337Standard Practice for Storage Life of Adhesives by Viscosity and Bond Strength
ASTM D1338Standard Practice For Working Life Of Liquid Or Paste Adhesives By Consistency And Bond Strength
ASTM D1364Water in Volatile Solvents (Karl Fischer Reagent Titration Method)
ASTM D1401
ASTM D1417Standard Test Methods for Rubber Latices—Synthetic
ASTM D1439Standard Test Methods for Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose
ASTM D1492Bromine Index of Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Coulometric Titration
ASTM D1500Color
ASTM D1533Water In Insulating Liquids By Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
ASTM D1590
ASTM D1655Aviation Turbine Fuels
ASTM D1824Standard Test Method for Apparent Viscosity of Plastisols and Organosols at Low Shear Rate
ASTM D1835
ASTM D1993
ASTM D2068
ASTM D2170 Kinematic Viscosity Of Asphalts (Bitumens)
ASTM D2196Standard Test Methods for Rheological Properties of Non-Newtonian Materials by Rotational Viscometer
ASTM D2243Standard Test Method for Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Water-Borne Coatings
ASTM D2274
ASTM D2285
ASTM D2364Standard Test Methods for Hydroxyethylcellulose
ASTM D2412Determination of External Loading Characteristics of Plastic Pipe by Parallel-Plate Loading
ASTM D2414 A+B
ASTM D2440
ASTM D2500
ASTM D2533
ASTM D2556Standard Test Method for Apparent Viscosity of Adhesives Having Shear-Rate-Dependent Flow Properties Using Rotational Viscometry
ASTM D2638-10 For Real Density Of Calcined Petroleum Coke By Helium Pycnometer
ASTM D2699
ASTM D2700
ASTM D2879
ASTM D2885
ASTM D2893
ASTM D3120Trace Quantities of Sulfur in Light Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Oxidative Microcoulometry
ASTM D3220Salt content in oil
ASTM D3223Mercury in water
ASTM D323Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products (Reid Method)
ASTM D3241Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels
ASTM D3246Sulfur in Petroleum Gas by Oxidative Microcoulometry
ASTM D3288Standard Test Methods for Magnet-Wire Enamels
ASTM D3401Water in Halogenated Organic Solvents and Their Admixtures
ASTM D3468Standard Specification for Liquid-Applied Neoprene and Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Used in Roofing and Waterproofing
ASTM D3493
ASTM D3624Mercury in paint
ASTM D3663
ASTM D3716Standard Test Methods for Use of Emulsion Polymers in Floor Polishes
ASTM D3730Standard Guide for Testing High-Performance Interior Architectural Wall Coatings
ASTM D3794Standard Guide for Testing Coil Coatings
ASTM D3825
ASTM D3921Total petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations in water.
ASTM D3934
ASTM D3941
ASTM D4007Sediment in Oil (BS&W)
ASTM D4016Standard Test Method for Viscosity and Gel Time of Chemical Grouts by Rotational Viscometer (Laboratory Method)
ASTM D4017 Water in Paints and Paint Materials by Karl Fischer Method
ASTM D4052Density –Tetthet/egenvekt
ASTM D4143Standard Guide for Testing Latex Vehicles
ASTM D4164 Mechanically Tapped Packing Density of Formed Catalyst and Catalyst Carrier
ASTM D4222
ASTM D4281Oil and Grease (Fluorocarbon Extractable Substances) by Gravimetric Determination
ASTM D4300Standard Test Methods for Ability of Adhesive Films to Support or Resist the Growth of Fungi
ASTM D4310
ASTM D4365
ASTM D4377Water in Crude Oils by Potentiometric Karl Fischer Titration
ASTM D4378
ASTM D445Viscosity
ASTM D4530Determination of Carbon Residue (Micro Method)
ASTM D4539
ASTM D4629Trace Nitrogen In Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbons By Syringe/Inlet Oxidative Combustion And Chemiluminescence Detection
ASTM D4636
ASTM D4641
ASTM D4740Cleanliness and Compatibility of Residual Fuels by Spot Test
ASTM D4780
ASTM D4781Mechanically Tapped Packing Density of Fine Catalyst Particles and Catalyst Carrier Particles
ASTM D4814
ASTM D4871
ASTM D4878Standard Test Methods For Polyurethane Raw Materials Determination Of Viscosity Of Polyols
ASTM D4889Standard Test Methods for Polyurethane Raw Materials: Determination of Viscosity of Crude or Modified Isocyanates
ASTM D4892-14Density of Solid Pitch (Helium Pycnometer Method)
ASTM D4928Water in oil (KF)
ASTM D4929Determination of Organic Chloride Content in Crude Oil
ASTM D4953Vapor Pressure of Gasoline and Gasoline-Oxygenate Blends (Dry Method)
ASTM D4976
ASTM D5002
ASTM D5006Ice Inhibitor Aviation
ASTM D5176Total Chemically Bound Nitrogen in Water by Pyrolysis and Chemiluminescence Detection
ASTM D5188 Vapor-Liquid Ratio
ASTM D5190
ASTM D5191RVP – Vapore pressure
ASTM D524 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue of Petroleum Products
ASTM D5324Standard Guide for Testing Water-Borne Architectural Coatings
ASTM D5400Standard Test Methods for Hydroxypropylcellulose
ASTM D542Refractive index
ASTM D5453Determination of Total Sulfur in Light Hydrocarbons, Spark Ignition Engine Fuel, Diesel Engine Fuel, and Engine Oil by Ultraviolet Fluorescence
ASTM D5460Standard Test Method for Rubber Compounding Materials—Water in Rubber Additives
ASTM D5530Total Moisture of Hazardous Waste Fuel by Karl Fischer Titrimetry
ASTM D5550-14Specific Gravity of Soil Solids by Gas Pycnometer
ASTM D56Flash Point by Tag Closed Cup Tester
ASTM D5808Determining Chloride in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals by Microcoulometry
ASTM D5845Determination of MTBE, ETBE, TAME, DIPE, Methanol, Ethanol and tert-Butanol in Gasoline by Infrared Spectroscopy
ASTM D5846
ASTM D5931
ASTM D5965-02Density of Coating Powder
ASTM D5987Total Fluorine in Coal and Coke by Pyrohydrolytic Extraction and Ion Selective Electrode or Ion Chromatograph Methods
ASTM D6069Trace Nitrogen in Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Oxidative Combustion and Reduced Pressure Chemiluminescence Detection
ASTM D6082
ASTM D6093-97Percent Volume Nonvolatile Matter in Clear or Pigmented Coatings Using a Helium Gas Pycnometer
ASTM D6227
ASTM D6261
ASTM D6277Determination of Benzene in Spark-Ignition Engine Fuels Using Mid Infrared Spectroscopy
ASTM D6279Standard Test Method for Rub Abrasion Mar Resistance of High Gloss Coatings
ASTM D6299
ASTM D6304Determination of Water in Petroleum Products, Lubricating Oils, and Additives by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
ASTM D6376RVP – Vapore pressure
ASTM D6377RVP – Vapore pressure
ASTM D6378Vapor Pressure (VPX)
ASTM D6450Flashpoint
ASTM D6556
ASTM D6556, ASTM D3663
ASTM D6577Standard Guide for Testing Industrial Protective Coatings
ASTM D6594
ASTM D665Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil in the Presence of Water
ASTM D6667Determination of Total Volatile Sulfur in Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Liquefied Petroleum Gases by Ultraviolet Fluorescence
ASTM D6721Determination of Chlorine in Coal by Oxidative Hydrolysis Microcoulometry
ASTM D6751Viscosity Biodiesel
ASTM D6784Mercury in gas
ASTM D6854
ASTM D6869Coulometric and Volumetric Determination of Moisture in Plastics Using the Karl Fischer Reaction (the Reaction of Iodine with Water)
ASTM D6897Vapor Pressure of Liquefied Petroleum Gases
ASTM D7042Viscosity
ASTM D7066Dimer/trimer of chlorotrifluoroethylene (S-316) Recoverable Oil and Grease and Nonpolar Material by Infrared Determination
ASTM D7094Flashpoint
ASTM D7183Determination of Total Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals by Ultraviolet Fluorescence
ASTM D7184Ultra Low Nitrogen in Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Oxidative Combustion and Reduced Pressure Chemiluminescence Detection
ASTM D7359Total Fluorine, Chlorine and Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Mixtures by Oxidative Pyrohydrolytic Combustion followed by Ion Chromatography Detection (Combustion Ion Chromatography-CIC)
ASTM D7375Trace Quantities of Water in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Mixtures by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titratio
ASTM D7394Standard Practice for Rheological Characterization of Architectural Coatings using Three Rotational Bench Viscometers
ASTM D7457Determining Chloride in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals by Microcoulometry
ASTM D7525Oxidation Stability of Spark Ignition Fuel—Rapid Small Scale Oxidation Tes
ASTM D7528
ASTM D7545Oxidation Stability of Middle Distillate Fuels—Rapid Small Scale Oxidation Tes
ASTM D7548Determination of Accelerated Iron Corrosion in Petroleum Products
ASTM D7551Determination of Total Volatile Sulfur in Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Liquefied Petroleum Gases and Natural Gas by Ultraviolet Fluorescence
ASTM D7566Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons
ASTM D7622Mercury in crude oil
ASTM D7678Total Oil and Grease (TOG) and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Water and Wastewater with Solvent Extraction using Mid-IR Laser Spectroscopy
ASTM D7777Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Liquid Petroleum by Portable Digital Density Meter
ASTM D7798Boiling Range of Petroleum
ASTM D7806Determination of the Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Content of a Blend of Biodiesel and Petroleum-Based Diesel Fuel Oil Using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
ASTM D789tandard Test Method for Determination of Relative Viscosity of Concentrated Polyamide (PA) Solutions
ASTM D7899Measuring the Merit of Dispersancy of In-Service Engine Oils with Blotter Spot Method
ASTM D8020Standard Test Method for Freeze-Thaw Viscosity Stability of Water-Based Inks and Ink Vehicle
ASTM D8120
ASTM D8193Total Oil and Grease (TOG) and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH)
ASTM D8206 Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Greases—Rapid Small-Scale Oxidation Test
ASTM D8277
ASTM D850Distillation of Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Materials
ASTM D86Distillation of Petroleum Products and Liquid Fuels at Atmospheric Pressure
ASTM D890Water in Liquid Pine Chemicals
ASTM D93Flashpoint
ASTM E1064Water in Organic Liquids by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
ASTM E203Water Using Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration
ASTM E203-08Water in oil (KF)
ASTM E2546Instrumented Indentation Testing
ASTM E2975tandard Test Method for Calibration or Calibration Verification of Concentric Cylinder Rotational Viscometers
ASTM E3070Standard Test Method for Shear Thinning Index of Non-Newtonian Liquids Using a Rotational Viscometer
ASTM E3116Standard Test Method for Viscosity Measurement Validation of Rotational Viscometers
ASTM F1607Standard Guide for Reporting of Test Performance Data for Oil Spill Response Pumps
ASTM F3208Standard Guide for Selecting Test Soils for Validation of Cleaning Methods for Reusable Medical Devices
ASTM G171Scratch Hardness of Materials Using a Diamond Stylus
BS 2000 Part 156
DEF STAN 91-091This Defence Standard specifies the requirements for one grade of kerosene type aviation turbine fuel intended for use in aircraft gas turbine engines.
Def Stan 91-91This Defence Standard specifies the requirements for one grade of kerosene type aviation turbine fuel intended for use in aircraft gas turbine engines.
DIN 16945
DIN 2555
DIN 3219
DIN 52007-1
DIN 53019-1
DIN 53593
DIN 53914
DIN 54453
DIN 66134
DIN 66134 Pore size distribution and specific surface area
DIN 66135
DIN38414-17Determination of water, waste water and sludge
DIN38414-18Examination of water, waste water and sludge; sludge and sediments
EN 10301
EN 12092
EN 12469Ytelseskriterier for mikrobiologiske sikkerhetsskap
EN 12802
EN 14210
EN 14370
EN 14470-1Brannbestandige lagringsskap - Del 1: Sikkerhetsskap for brennbare væsker
EN 14470-2Brannbestandige lagringsskap - Del 2: Sikkerhetsskap for trykkgassflasker
EN 14727Møbler for laboratorier - Lagringsenheter for laboratorier - Krav og prøvingsmetoder
EN 15425
EN 15564
EN 16091Flytende petroleumsprodukter - Mellomdestillater og fettsyremetylestere (FAME) som drivstoff og tilsetninger - Bestemmelse av oksidasjonsstabilitet ved hurtig småskala oksidasjonsmetode
EN 228
EN 2555
EN 302-7
EN 3219
EN 61010-1Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 1: General requirements
EN ISO 12205
EN13016-2RVP – Vapore pressure (tt)
EPA1664HEM; Oil and Grease
EPA9020bTotal Organic Halides (TOX)
EPA9021Purgeable Organic Halides (POX)
EPA9076Total Chlorine in New and Used Petroleum Products by Oxidative Combustion and Microcoulometry
FTM 791-3211
GB/T 14614
GB/T 14615
GB/T 35994
GOST 19199
GOST 52340
IDF 134Dried milk and dried milk products — Determination of bulk density
IEC60814Insulating liquids - Oil-impregnated paper and pressboard - Determination of water by automatic coulometric Karl Fischer titration
IP 146
IP 386Water in oil
IP 387
IP 394
IP 409
IP 48
IP 481
IP 559Determination of density of middle distillate fuels - Hand held oscillating U-tube density meter method
IP 620Flash point by modified continuously closed cup (MCCCFP) tester
IP 69Determination of vapour pressure - Reid method
ISO 10364-12
ISO 1071-3Avanserte tekniske keramer - Metoder for prøving av keramiske belegg - Del 3: Bestemmelse av adhesjon ved ripeprøving (TT)
ISO 11171Hydraulic fluid — Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids
ISO 12185
ISO 13357
ISO 13736
ISO 1409
ISO 14577Metalliske materialer - Instrumentert inntrykningsprøving for hardhet og materialparametere - Del 1: Prøvingsmetode
ISO 1516
ISO 15212
ISO 15212-1Oscillation-type density meters
ISO 1523
ISO 15512:2019
ISO 15901
ISO 16351
ISO 1652
ISO 18757
ISO 20502Finkeramikk (avanserte keramer, avanserte tekniske keramer) - Bestemmelse av vedheft for keramiske belegg ved ripeprøving
ISO 2535
ISO 2555
ISO 2592
ISO 2719Flashpoint
ISO 3007Determination of vapour pressure — Reid method
ISO 304
ISO 3219
ISO 3405Petroleum and related products from natural or synthetic sources
ISO 3679Determination of flash no-flash and flash point — Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
ISO 4311
ISO 5530-1
ISO 5530-2
ISO 6247
ISO 6249Petroleum products — Determination of thermal oxidation stability of gas turbine fuels — JFTOT method
ISO 6295
ISO 6889
ISO 7120Petroleum oils and other fluids — Determination of rust-preventing characteristics in the presence of water
ISO 747-11
ISO 9101
ISO 9277
ISO 9377-2Oil in water
ISO10101Naturgass - Bestemmelse av vanninnhold med Karl Fischermetoden
ISO10336Crude petroleum — Determination of water — Potentiometric Karl Fischer titration method
ISO10337Crude petroleum — Determination of water — Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method
ISO11480Pulp, paper and board — Determination of total chlorine and organically bound chlorine
ISO3699Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride for industrial use — Determination of water content — Karl Fischer method
ISO3839Petroleum products — Determination of bromine number of distillates and aliphatic olefins — Electrometric method
ISO4317Surface-active agents and detergents — Determination of water content — Karl Fischer methods
ISO5381Stivelseshydrolyseprodukter - Bestemmelse av vanninnhold - Modifisert Karl Fischer-metode
ISO5536Melkefettprodukter - Bestemmelse av vanninnhold - Karl Fischer-metoden
ISO6296Petroleum products — Determination of water — Potentiometric Karl Fischer titration method
ISO6488Tobacco and tobacco products — Determination of water content — Karl Fischer method
ISO7105Liquefied anhydrous ammonia for industrial use — Determination of water content — Karl Fischer method
ISO7335Iron ores — Determination of combined water content — Karl Fischer titrimetric method
ISO760Determination of water — Karl Fischer method
ISO8534Animalske og vegetabilske fett og oljer - Bestemmelse av vanninnhold - Karl Fischer-metoden (pyridinfri)
ISO9377Determination of hydrocarbon oil index
ISO9562Vannundersøkelse - Bestemmelse av adsorberbare organisk bundne halogener (AOX)
JIS K 2265-3Flashpoint - Pensky-Martens closed cup method
JIS K2258-2
JIS K2510Determination of rust-preventing characteristics
JIS K7392Waste plastics - Test method for total bromine contents
KS M0180Standard test method for halogen(F, Cl, Br) and sulfur content by oxidative pyrohydrolytic combustion followed by ion chromatography detection (Combustion ion chromatography - CIC)
MPIF 46Determination of tap density of metal powders
NACE TM0172Determining Corrosive Properties of Cargoes in Petroleum Product Pipelines
NAS 1638Partikkelteller
NF V03-717-1
NF V03-717-2
NS4020pH i vann
NS4729Klor i vann
NS4734Oksygen i injeksjonsvann
OECD 115
SAE AS 4059Partikkelteller
SHT 0769
SHT 0794
SNT 2932
TCVN 7848-1
TCVN 7848-2
USP 616 Method IIBulk Density and Tapped Density of Powders
USP 699Density of Solids

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