Taylor-Wharton – Serie CX – Nitrogenbeholder, transport

Modell: Serie CX


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Kenneth Braathen

Kjøleteknikk, ultradypfrysere, blodbankskap
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Serie CX er nitrogenbeholdere som er beregnet for transport, også pr fly i henhold til IATA-krav.

Cryo Express «dry shippers» are designed to transport a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures safely. The unique absorbent material prevents a liquid spill if the unit is tipped over. This eliminates the danger of spills and represents a significant improvement in the shipment of biogenic material.

Storage temperature inside the shipping cavity remains at approximately -150ºC until the liquid nitrogen evaporates from teh absorbent. This increases reliability, especially in the case of shipments involving long distances.

Due to the superior vacuum performance with super insulation these units provide maximum holding times. With these vessels and the shipping cases international shipment no longer represents a problem. The vessels comply with IATA regulations.

The optional available data logger records the storage temperature of biological material. See more about the data logger further down.

 Modell  Operativ holdbarhet i dager (1) Avdampning, ltr./dag (2) Kapasitet flytende nitrogen Kryorør kapasitet pr ltr (3)
Serie CX – Cryopak Shippers for transport











1) Operativ tid er en erfaringsmessig referanseverdi som varierer med bruksmønster og driftsforhold.

2) Avdampingstid og statisk holdbarhet er nominelle. Konkret tid i det enkelte tilfelle avhenger av innhold, atmosfæriske forhold, beholderens tilstand og fabrikasjonstoleranser.

3) Be om kapasitetsdata for strå, blodposer og bokser.



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Data Logger:

The data logger permits uninterrupted monitoring and logging of the temperature inside the CX and CXR shippers. This is indispensable in the case of valuable samples. The logger and thermocouple temperature sensor are contained within a modified neck plug therefore avoiding trailing wires or extra bokxes which could become damaged or detached in transit.

The logger complies with the following standards:

  • EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
  • RTCA DO-160D Sect. 21.4, Radiated Emission – Cat. B (for safe operation on board aircraft)


Functions/features (data logger):

  • Measuring range: – 199 ºC to 40 ºC (accuracy /- 3 ºC)
  • Logging of up to 8192 temperature measurements in non-volatile memory
  • Logging intervals can be set between 1 and 30 minutes
  • Battery life of min. 5 years (non-chargeable lithium battery)
  • PC interface for setting up, collection and analysis of data
  • LED status indication for recording (active/standby) and battery condition
  • LED indication of too high temperature
  • Tip Over’ Switch – Detects if the shipper has been laid on its side during transport. The position is logged at the same time as the temperature. ‘Tip Over’ is indicated in the temperature log and by LED.