Lufft – WST2 – Veitemperatursensor

Modell: WST2
Produsent: Lufft

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Bjørn Cato Solli 2

Bjørn Cato Solli

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Surface temperature sensor for runway and highway-temperatures

The surface temperature sensor measures runway and highway-temperatures highly precise, both on asphalt and concrete.

Passive Road Surface Temperature Sensor WST2 can be used with Lufft UMB-ANACON converter (8160.UANA).

Parameters measured: Road / Runway Surface Temperature

Measurement technology: Temperature / PT100


Selger Bjørn Cato Solli
Dimensions Ø 60 mm, height 40 mm
Weight Approx. 150 g
Storage temperature -40…70 °C
Protection type IP68
Operating temperature -40…70 °C
Cable length 50 m
Principle PT100
Measuring range -40 … 70 °C
Unit °C
Accuracy ±0.3 °C (-10… 10 °C) otherwise ± 1.0 °C