Observator Instruments – OMC-045 – Datalogger, med GPRS overføring av data

Modell: OMC-045
Produsent: Observator Instruments


Espen Rolfsen 2

Espen Rolfsen

Materialteknologi, vann og miljø
468 01 234



  • Standard 2 GB data logger
  • Three communication ports, USB to PC, RS232 reserved.
  •   for keyboard/display, internal ports for GPRS modem and GPS receiver 6 analogue inputs, 12 bit A/D  conversion.
  • Possibility to connect 4 serial output sensors, max 32 parameters for storage per sensor
  • Advantaged alarm handling procedure
  • Several standard housings available
  • Mini buoy (in-land waters) and heavy duty buoy available for unattended monitoring
  • Windows® 2000/XP based OMCProgrammer software



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