Eralytics – Eraflash – Flammepunktsmåler, ”Closed Cup”

Modell: Eraflash
Produsent: Eralytics


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eraflash – Flammepunktsmåler

Eraflash har følgende egenskaper:

  • Innovative thermoelectric Peltier temperature control for significantly faster heating and cooling rates (patent pending)
  • Wide measuring range of -25 to 420°C  with a single analyzer
  • Large full color touch-screen
  • Built-in PC with Ethernet & USB interfaces
  • Result memory of 100.000 results
  • Combustion characteristics with graphics on the large color screen
  • Direct LIMS connection without external software
  • Preconfigured for the measurement in full compliance with ASTM D6450 & D7094 ensuring perfect correlation to ASTM D56,  D93 and ISO 2719
Normer og standarder ASTM D6450, ASTM D7094, IP 620
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